Journey Group Sign Up for Lifesong "Journey Through 2 Peter" All Church Campaign Sept. 2018

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We are so glad that you're participating in our "Journey Through 2 Peter" All Church Campaign. Please use this form to sign up to be a part of a Journey Group. Then be on the look out for an email for important dates as well as a phone call from your Journey Group Leader with more details as the Sept 9th, launch date approaches.
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We know there are some questions you may have. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers:
Q: If I was in a Journey Group for the last campaign (Journey Through Philippians), will I be in the same Journey Group?
A: Yes, you will be placed in the same Journey Group.
Q: I'm signing up for a Journey Group for the first time. Will I be in a new group altogether?
A: Yes, those signing up for the first time will most likely be grouped with other first timers to form a new Journey Group.
Q: When do Journey Groups take place?
A: The majority of Journey Groups take place on Sundays from 9-10am on the church campus. The majority of participants find this day and time slot to be advantageous because childcare is provided and because their jr. high and high schoolers children are able to be in a Journey Group during this time as well. Families have appreciated the ability for all family members to be doing the same study at the same time.
Q: Are there options to meet during other days and times of the week for Journey Groups?
A: Yes, if there are several individuals who are able to meet on the same day at the same time we will group those individuals together to form a Journey group.
Should you have any questions please email and one of our elders/staff will get back to you. Blessings!


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